The Category Master program

Category Master Program

The Category Master (CM) Program awards certifications to FSCMO members that complete rigorous subject matter specific training and pass a series of knowledge and skills-based tests with distinction. CM certification holders are recognized by FSCMO members and industry-recognized SMEs as proficient in specific aspects of federal business system management and administration.

Category Master programs are designed by industry-recognized SMEs to provide members with innovative yet practical approaches to various aspects of federal business system administration. Members receive extensive training on subject matter specific requirements as well as skills-based training directly related to tasks and deliverable production required for optimal federal business system performance.


The Category Master program series is currently in development and is scheduled for release in CY2020.

Category Mastery Evaluation

Category Master candidates must complete a three-stage process to receive their certification:

FSCMO Members must complete all category training modules (average 8-15 hours per category) with an average quiz score of 80% or better before applying for certification. Only members are eligible for Category Master certification.

Upon application acceptance, CM Candidates complete an Omnibus multiple-choice test, covering all training topics, with a score of 80% or better. Omnibus tests include 100-150 questions ranging from regulatory requirements to document production.

Candidates conclude the certification process via successful completion of a practicum that evaluates their ability to adequately identify and produce documentation required to meet various federal business system requirements.

Multiple-choice tests (including the Omnibus test) are machine graded by the FSCMO training platform. Practicum responses are graded by FSCMO SMEs and staff using a standardized answer key.