FSCMO Certifications


FSCMO certifications designate members as qualified to administer and oversee crucial aspects of federal business system performance in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.


  • FSCMO Certifications provide contracting professionals with the specific cognitive and task-based skill sets required for the administration, maintenance – and even construction – of federal business systems
  • FSCMO Certifications are developed by industry-recognized SMEs with experience gained through primary participation over hundreds of US Government reviews and audits
  • FSCMO Certifications are routinely updated to address current US Government approaches to federal business system reviews and audits; these updates are based on both official and unannounced adjustments to review and audit approaches implemented by agencies such as DCAA and DCMA

FSCMO Certifications do not test or evaluate general knowledge of Federal Supply Chain Management principles or requirements; instead, they provide advanced instruction in the specific performance of federal business system processes.


FSCMO Certifications are available to any FSCMO Member who has either:

  • Five or more years of experience as a federal contractor professional; and/or
  • Completed at least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in subject areas specifically related to federal business system administration or management in the previous 12 months

The following candidates are exempt from Experience / CPE requirements:

  • Category Masters
    FSCMO Members who earn one or more Category Master designations; and
  • Current Certifications
    FSCMO Members that maintain one or more commercially available Contracts, Project Management or Supply Chain Management certifications including but not limited to the following certifications: PMP, CFCM, CPCM, CPIM, CPSM, CPSD