FSCMO Online Training

FSCMO Training

FSCMO Online Training modules are designed to interpret, digest, and expand upon regulatory requirements while organizing those requirements into the series of defined tasks that form the components of compliant and approvable federal business systems.

Format & Structure

FSCMO Online Training is provided in a progressive structure that allows members to determine the detail and complexity of the subject matter upon which they are trained:

Stand Alone Training Modules (SATMs) introduce members to various topics and subject matter areas related to efficient and effective federal business system administration.

Category Master programs provide members with intense training, skills-based testing on, and certifications in specific subject areas directly related to federal business system administration.

FSCMO Certifications qualify members to administer crucial aspects of federal business system performance in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Stand-alone Training Modules

FSCMO Stand-Alone Training Modules (SATMs) provide broad-based instruction on various aspects of federal business system administration. SATMs focus on both general tasks that apply across multiple types of government-initiated contractor evaluations and the specific requirements of particular federal business system reviews and audits.

SATMs average 20-40 minutes in duration and conclude with a 5-10 question multiple-choice quiz. At the conclusion of each module members receive their quiz score and a certificate of completion for support of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. The vast majority of SATMs can also be counted towards Category Master qualification requirements.